Askim Utkuseven

Turkish Revenge


Hasan and Hatice marry. Halime wants to open a Döner kebab restaurant; Ali only wants to pass his driver’s test. Asye clobbers her husband, Akif wants to conquer a girl with his cooking talent and Mehmet tries to escape from his mother-in-law…
If you thought that you knew everything about your Turkish fellow citizens, you should read these stories. Cooking, marring, childbearing, mother-in-laws, being unemployed, flirting, vengeance, taxi driving or Turkish family celebrations are completely different from what we could imagine…


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»I told you that I'm vegan. [...] Akif thinks of his sauce, which can no longer be made, since a hollandaise sauce only works with eggs, or so the Internet says. If he breads the fish - eggs again. Free running, marathon or whatever.«

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»... self-deprecating view of the life of Turks in Germany.«
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»... fluid and laid-back short stories ...«
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»A small, seasoned delicious short story about revenge. To be served warm!«

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