Cover Banana Fear


Banana Fear

theme: anorexia and its therapy
protagonist: Scarlett, a 23 year old student with untreated trauma and eating disorder who decides to actively start healing
genre: Coming of Age / autobiographically inspired novel
publishing company: Parlez Verlag
release date: October 2021
Cover Venexia



theme: Venice
genre: Coffee Table Book
publishing company: zu Klampen
release date: April 2021
Cover The nightmare of care

Albtraum Betreuung

The nightmare of care

theme: experiential report and educational book about the opaque legal situation in the field of care in Germany
genre: personal experience report / non-fiction
publishing company: Langen-Müller
release date: October 2019
Cover Stolen Dignity. When torture 
							becomes a matter for the boss

Geraubte Würde

Stolen Dignity

theme: Bullying, a phenomenon of our age protagonist: Katrin Morgen, who has worked as a manager in a city administration
genre: biography
publishing company: Parlez Verlag
release date: March 2018
Cover deal.with–it



theme: how to find back into life after prison and drug withdrawal
protagonist: ex-junkie and author Dominik Forster himself
genre: autobiographical novel
publishing company: Fabulus
release date: September 2017
Cover Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker

theme: tracing a legendary musician
protagonist: Joe Cocker, his music and his life
genre: biography
publishing company: Hannibal
release date: February 2016
Cover Not without my hip

Nicht ohne meine Hüfte

Not without my hip

theme: hip surgery and the worries and fears that come with it
protagonist: Annette Friesboes-Esalnik, who writes about her experiences
genre: field report
publishing company: ProTalk
release date: August 2015