Alexander Weiss

The Königsberg Plan

Art theft Conspiracy     Amber Room     Secret mission of the Chancellor

Königsberg, 1945. The Red Army is preparing to storm the city, where a young woman feverishly tries to complete her dangerous mission. But in the process she gets into the line of fire of the SS...
Berlin, present day. A mysterious death and a secret assignment from the German Chancellor dramatically change the life of art law expert Benjamin Parker: Together with the journalist Zoé Velázquez, he must find out at all costs what happened in Königsberg at that time. This is how he stumbles upon a plot that shakes Germany to its foundations. A murderous hunt begins - and when Parker thinks he is close to the truth in a Breton chateau, a terrible doubt arises in him: Was it a mistake to trust the chancellor?


Cover The Königsberg Plan

»"Mr Parker, please follow me. We don't have much time. The Chancellor has to leave Berlin in an hour - and wants to see you first."«

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»Not only those who know the settings will be well entertained by this increasingly fast-paced thriller.«
Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine

»Well written with an excellent dramatic composition!«
Passauer Neue Presse

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