Connie Roters

The Dead Child in the Wind

Child abuse     Race against time     Refugee children     Scotland Yard

A gruesome discovery in the North Sea resort of Büsum. A dead child is swinging naked in the wind on a playground. The Kiel criminal investigation department is working flat out to catch the murderer of the Syrian refugee boy. At the same time, the Berlin inspector David Menger, who is off duty, is fighting his very own demons on the North Se a beach. His superior Nina Schwarz wants to bring him back to Berlin to face the investigations of the Internal Affairs Department. But before they can leave, they become involved in the murder case.
Back in Berlin, Nina Schwarz takes the lead in a homicide of a Romanian. The case shows clear similarities to the murder in Büsum. Only a few days later, another refugee child disappears and a race against time begins for the commissioners.


Cover The Dead Child in the Wind

»David got out, stared for a while at the small playground, which looked like so many playgrounds. Only the dirty flowers in the mud under the swings and on the benches told of the tragedy.«

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»The book "The Dead Child in the Wind" is a crime novel that I enjoyed very much. Although it deals with a very weighty subject, it is easy to read and quickly developed a pull that you as a reader cannot escape.«

»The coincidences that make up a case, that drive the story forward, are many and varied and told with a lot of heart and love - it's really fun.«
Die Krimi Blogger

»The author's writing style could also convince me very much. She writes totally atmospheric and she also managed the passages from the perpetrator's point of view perfectly.«
Gina Zeilenfluch

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