Matthias Lanin

One Fiebelkorn

Story of a great love     Exceptional in normal life     Life between flight, war and death

When Johanna Lettmann says "yes" to Wilfried Fiebelkorn, she thinks it's easy and what "eternal" means, she does not know that yet. More than half a century later, this "eternal" is a great love that has overcome many obstacles. They survived the turmoil of flight, prisoner of war, a socialist regime and the fall of the Wall, and also endured the death of a daughter.
Softly and calmly, Johanna and Wilfried tell of the ordinary and extraordinary of their lives, of their tenderness and familiarity and of the little happiness of their remaining days in togetherness.


Cover One Fiebelkorn

»His eyes are as if no one had ever done anything to him, as if he was the only boy in the freight car that the girls have not kissed and touched on the way.«

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