Sandra-Maria Erdmann

Let's Surf - My Summer in Oranges

Surfing     Brittany     Summer     first love     growing up

It doesn't matter if your dream is comprehensible to the rest of the world, as long as it's the dream that drives you.
Fifteen-year-old Caro Dumont wants to become a professional surfer. The problem: Caro lives in Cologne, far away from waves, wind and surf beaches. She can only train on the Breton coast during the summer holidays. Because that's where her grandma and Caro's uncle Chris live with his surf school. But during these holidays everything is different because suddenly the guy in the orange swimming trunks appears. Adrien. And he really upsets Caro's emotional carousel. She can hardly concentrate on her training when she is faced with the most important decision of her life: the chance to be accepted into a nationally funded surfing programme. And she can't pass that up - can she?

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Cover Let's Surf - My Summer in Oranges

»I don't surf because Chris tells me to, but because I love being one with the strongest element in the world. It's pure happiness to feel the wave energy under the board and to be able to control it.«

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»A humorous and light summer novel that takes the reader to Brittany. A great novel for teenagers that shows them that it is worth fighting for your dreams and trusting yourself and your abilities. But the novel is also suitable for adults who want to remember their teenage years, to feel the tingle of falling in love for the first time.«
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