Sandra-Maria Erdmann

Let's Jump

parkour     first love     summer holidays     illiteracy

It’s up to you how you reach your goal but it’s important you get there.
Actually, 15-year-old Lu imagined her summer holidays to be entirely different: instead of training parkour, she has to read a boring book in six weeks. If she doesn’t, she’ll fail her German exam, won’t be moved up to tenth grade and, as a consequence, won’t be allowed to participate in the big Street-Sports-Festival.
But Lu has a secret nobody can know of, not even her best friend Matteo: She is unable to read properly.
Lu’s parents hired Sam, the nerd who is two years her senior, to be her tutor – getting rid of him turns out to be a real challenge. To top it all, Sam is a member of the hateful opposing team – and this is not the last surprise this summer has in store for Lu.

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Cover Let's Jump

»We, the Flying Pandas, are not only the hottest parkour-team in the entire Ruhrpott, we will also participate in the Street-Sports-Festival. Because we really are wild...«

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