Christian Kahl

Into thin Air


During a diving vacation on Mataking, multi-billionaire Mat meets the attractive Darlene. She is searching for her brother who went missing after he outspokenly supported indigenous people in their fight against the so-called “timber mafia”. Spontaneously, Mat decides to accompany Darlene on her expedition into the jungle.
What was supposed to be a romantic adventure trip becomes a nightmare: Darlene is brutally kidnapped and Mat tries everything to rescue her. Suddenly, he is caught up in the middle of a dramatic conflict which economic and political reverberations he cannot even begin to fathom. A deadly game for power and money has started. Will Mat master the game in time to rescue Darlene?


Cover Into thin Air

»And everything still seems to correlate: earth, water and air and this moment, which feels unreal and lively.«

  • translation rights – worldwide

»The book is an exciting thriller, with strong characters and unexpected turnarounds. If you start to read, you aren't able to put it down.«
Saarbrücker Zeitung

»And so the story leaves an – thoroughly intended – insipid aftertaste with the first-world reader.«
Wiener Zeitung

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  • book presentation and interview with "SR 2"

4,7 out of 5 stars on Amazon