Thomas Kastning

In the mole tunnel

terrorism     leftism     Morality and responsibility     Human dignity and corruption

Konstantin's uneventful life falls apart when he falls in love with his neighbor Leyla, who brings him into contact with the extreme left-wing scene. Then the series of attacks of a left terror cell shakes the Federal Republic. Constantine is implicated in the attacks against his will and is suddenly confronted with the question of how far the individual may go in resisting the state - and whether violence is a legitimate means. Under pressure from the public, the police, led by Kriminalhauptkommissar Dr. Priests at full speed, and eventually Konstantin also gets her sights on. A breathless chase begins. A captivating novel that dares to do the splits between tension and political philosophy.
In his debut novel, Thomas Kastning creates a complex, highly explosive scenario that encourages moral and political reflection. In doing so, he takes up problems of great political relevance: is Germany allowed to cooperate with states in which human rights are trampled underfoot? Are military interventions in foreign countries legitimate or even necessary - and what about self-justice? Without being moralizing, the author raises questions that challenge the judgment of his readers. The result is an exciting novel full of narrative refinement and cleverness.


Cover In the mole tunnel

»Moles - Special Investigation Commission" is more than just a matter of decision-making learned in countless conferences that require too many of the decisions to be made.«

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