Barbara Leciejewski

In all those years


The first encounter between Elsa and Finn is everything but conventional: her neighbor Finn stands completely naked in front of Elsa’s door. He has locked himself out. Despite this embarrassing start, an earnest friendship evolves between the two. Both are certain not to develop any deeper feelings for the other one, as this would be the end for their friendship. But to control ones feelings is difficult. How will they decide in the end: friendship or love?


Cover In all those years

»This evening was the start of everything. Really everything. My new life. Especially the friendship between Finn and me, although this had already started two years ago and to us it seemed as if already then, we were closely connected even though we had rarely met.«

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»A book that makes you forget to breathe...«

»An excellent read!!«

»A wonderful love story of the Munich author. Clearly recommended for fans of Cecelia Ahern.«

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