Gereon Krantz

Beneath the pitch-black stars


A woman is found dead in Berlin. The murderer tried hard to convey an image of medieval times: the victim is wrapped in medieval robes, where her skin was slashed open, it is now carefully sewed – and instead of her head she carries the skull of a ram. Main inspector Thomas Harder who just came back to work after a disciplinary enquiry is supposed to investigate together with aspiring and accurate Claudia Vogt. A professor helps them to interpret the medieval symbols and to decipher the runes that are scratched on the victim’s back. A certain group of people who re-enact the medieval world quickly become suspects. When a second dead body is found shortly after that, everything points towards a psychological ill perpetrator. But Harder has the feeling that the key to the answer is still out there and leaving all rules behind, he sets out to find the murderer on his own.


Cover Beneath the pitch-black stars

»He had dressed up for this special occasion. It was supposed to be an extraordinary evening. But Vero ruined it. It was her own fault that she had died under such horrible and bloody circumstances. «

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»Thrilling and in a slightly different way unusual crime novel. As the protagonist, an alcoholic Commissioner who investigates in his own way. Very good and fluently written thriller, which is recommended.«

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