Gabi Deeg

Zilli – The Sly Anxiety Bacillus


Where does the fear of spiders come from, why are kids afraid of monsters in the dark? Is all the crafty work oft he anxiety bacillus! Part of this treacherous tribe is young Zilli, anxiety bacillus number 177,004. Zilli would love to be a great scarer but keeps failing. To improve her skills Zilli takes a risk and does something no anxiety bacillus is allowed to do. Secretively, she follows one of her old classmates into the human world. There, she meets the girl Mina and it does not take long until they become friends. Mina shows and explains Zilli how the human world works and soon Zilli realizes that scaring people and causing anxiety is maybe not as desirable as she had thought. There is a different way in which Zilli can make use of her talent...

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Cover Zilli – The Sly Anxiety Bacillus

»The little anxiety bacillus sighed wistfully. Just to hang in this gallery once. To someday have a number, for which one does not need five minutes to voice. Maybe a number with four or even three digits.«

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