Melia Manadis

The Villa: Jessica

Erotic     SM     Villa     Secret Club

Jessica, daughter of a successful entrepreneur, has been through a lot in her life: After the death of her beloved father, his friend Walter and managing director of the company takes care of her. But completely immersed in grief, she doesn't notice how dominant and bossy Walter becomes and at some point Jessica has completely lost control of her life. Not only does he lock her in a golden cage, he also increasingly abuses Jessica.
At some point Jessica manages to escape and meets Tom and his brother Nick, completely distraught. The two of them take Jessi in at the villa, and Nick - a handsome doctor - looks after her particularly lovingly. However, the two brothers and the other residents of the villa conceal from Jessica the fact that an exclusive BDSM club is run in the building and that the residents of the house pursue their sexual inclinations in it.
An ever-growing attraction develops between Nick and Jessica and Jessi believes that she has finally put her cruel hell behind her. But the initial idyll is abruptly shattered when Jessi is found and kidnapped by Walter. Nick, who arrives just as the henchmen of Jessi's tormentor are taking her away, tries to stop them, but is knocked unconscious in the attempt and is also kidnapped by Walter.
In a dramatic rescue operation, Jessica manages to free herself and later Nick and turn on Walter. She thinks she can finally look forward to a happy and violence-free life, but then she accidentally meets Nick at a session downstairs in the club and Jessica's world seems to shatter all over again.


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»The villa was brightly lit and many voices reached Jessi's ears before she had even entered the house. Paul handed her a beautifully decorated mask that covered the upper part of her face. At the entrance, he took her coat and disappeared. She stood there, alone. Looked around and recognised no one. Then she heard Vera's voice.«

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»Manadis describes the world of her protagonists in great detail. The reader slips into the different perspectives of the characters and is thus very closely involved when the strangers - Jessi and Nick - become a pair of lovers that could hardly be more different at first sight.«
Blickpunkt Nienburg

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