Nathan Winters

The train from Enfield

Victorian London     Pinkerton     Odd Duo     Scotland Yard

Celeste Summersteen decides to postpone her trip home in order to assist Inspector Edwards in the search for the escaped Osbert Pudley. But the criminal remains missing and Pinkerton urges Celeste to return to Chicago. That's when a murder occurs that puts Sergeant Fulston in the line of fire. He wrestles with death.
While a brutal train robbery demands Edwards' attention, Celeste is asked by Fulston's fiancée to stay in London and find the killer. The two investigators soon suspect that their cases may be intertwined. Once again, the unequal duo must work together. In the process, they get caught in a whirlpool of revenge and violence and have to deal with opponents who have nothing left to lose.


Cover The train from Enfield

»"Why did you become a detective?" [...] "I didn't want to do what my parents asked me to do." "And what would that have been?" "To marry."«

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»The second part of the crime series about the lively Celeste Summersteen and her Inspector Edwards is very successful. An exciting story about a train robbery, lots of villains, shootouts and dangerous situations - in short, a good mix and multi-faceted plot in Victorian London.«

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