Veronika Bicker

The Sea Comes in at Night


A lighthouse in the North Sea: this is where Marit is trying to escape her everyday life. Unfortunately, the desired peace fails to appear. At night, the raging storm and the waves crashing against the tower aren’t the only things that haunt her sleep. She feels observed, as if there was somebody lurking around the old building. At the same time, old memories come flooding back: years earlier, her daughter Janna had almost drowned in that place, when she rowed alone to the open sea during a storm.
In the village, she meets strange coast dwellers, who speak about spirits and sea creatures. Marit now faces a mystery: what does this place have to do with the many drowned children? Why did Janna go out to the sea back then? And then, another young girl dies…


Cover Denn die Nacht bringt das Meer

»Shortly before falling asleep, she could hear soft drops falling. Water that fell from wet hair or wet clothes and hit the wooden ground, barely audible. Marit knew it, if she had opened her eyes in that moment, she would have seen him. Him who? With such thoughts in mind, she drifted into sleep.«

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