Rainer Doh

The Peer Gynt Papers

NORWAY     Secret Documents     Natural gas deposits     Secret services

The Peer Gynt field is a huge natural gas deposit discovered in the North Atlantic. The unscrupulous bosses of the gas industry smell a billion-dollar deal. The emergence of secret documents could put all plans in jeopardy.
The politically aspiring lawyer Ole Ludvigsen was shot dead in a Swiss brothel. The newly qualified Norwegian detective superintendent Arne Jakobson is given the ominous task of tracking down documents that were with the murder victim. He is to bring them back to Norway under the utmost discretion. When Arne is visited by the suspect Thore Moberg, who has gone into hiding, he not only claims his innocence. He urgently warns Arne of the dangers of possessing the documents - the Peer Gynt Papers. Arne soon finds himself the target of criminal machinations.


Cover The Peer Gynt Papers

»"Man overboard!" Huisman yelled. For a moment, the orange-red overalls of the two men still appeared in the spray of the wake, then they both disappeared between the crests of the waves.«

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»With The Peer Gynt Papers, Rainer Doh delivers an exciting Norwegian thriller, somewhere in the field of politics and economics. His inspector Arne Jakobson is a likeable character from the countryside, he gives it depth. [...] Apart from the characters, however, a crime novel lives above all from the depth of its case, which Doh does pleasingly well.«

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