Nathan Winters

The Mystery of Madame Yin

Historical London     Illegal dealings     Opium trade

Celeste’s actual job is to get the young woman Dorothea back to London safely. The city is plagued by vicious murders, one of the victims being Dorothea’s friend. But the young woman keeps silent about the happenings surrounding the murder, for she has a secret she does not want to reveal and would rather die. When the dead body of Madame Yin, the opium queen of East End, is found in the Themes, Celeste has to start digging deeper into the foul heart of London to find answers. Additionally, she has to deal with Inspector Edwards of Scotland Yards, who does not like it when amateurs, and especially women, intervene in his work.


Cover The Mystery of Madame Yin

»Edwards crunches with his teeth. “I will not work with a woman. Not under any circumstances."«

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»Carriages, beautiful gowns, poverty, drinking holes, and criminals are portrayed in such a lively way that you can hear the clip-clop of hooves, see the dirt, and feel the fear.«

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