Michaela Kastel

The Mortality of the Soul

Fame     Obsession     Spotlight     Show world     Spotlight     Love

Thus far, Anna has had to wait for her breakthrough as a musical performer. But after the unexpected death of her competitor she is assigned the leading role in the Musical Epica, a new production of Goethe’s Faust. Because of the growing pressure that rests on her shoulders and her heightened ambition, her relation to her boyfriend is abruptly being destroyed. Gradually, she loses herself in the abyss of the show world. Will she sacrifice everything for her longing for fame and standing in the spotlight?


Cover The Mortality of the Soul

»The first verse is already like a kiss on naked skin: It bites and burns and drives you into insanity, and this insanity is so wonderful, blind and blazing that my soul bursts into flames, my heart jumps, my voice screams with a frenzy.«

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»So much attention to detail is welcome and guarantees deep insights into a fascinating matter.«

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