Karen Hilgarth

The Hidden Beauty of the Stars

Religion     Philosophy     Love     Drama

Martina is happily married to the astrophysicist Leonhard. Life seems to run along familiar lines and holds few surprises. But a chance encounter with the Catholic priest Jarek triggers a deep rift in her reality, which seems so secure and satisfying. Accompanied by remorse, the two nevertheless begin a clandestine love affair. However, this relationship comes to an abrupt end when Leonhard falls terminally ill with cancer.
From one moment to the next, Martina is confronted with a complicated situation that questions all certainties. But she is not alone in this: both Jarek and Leonhard gain fundamental insights for themselves that open up new perspectives for both men.
Karen Hilgarth's poignant story dares to combine big questions of science, religion and philosophy with big feelings. This is a new and distinctly intellectual voice on the literary scene.


Cover The Hidden Beauty of the Stars

»Time and the universe began at the same moment. Both reach into infinity. But what must a single day of a human being be like so that this day is later clearly recognisable as the beginning of something great and frighteningly final?«

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