Juliane Albrecht


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Mona was never a Barbie doll, but her current weight is over eighty kilos - and Christian is to blame. She has lived with him for seven years. During this time, Mona has gained exactly seven kilos - that can't be a coincidence. Christian, however, does not mind Mona's fullness at all. On the contrary, he loves every gram of her. At least that's what he always claims.
But then Mona overhears a conversation in which Christian tells her that nothing is going on between him and Mona in bed: He simply doesn't want to have sex anymore. Mona is deeply affected, but instead of reaching for the next chocolate bar, she decides to turn the tables and give her life a new lease of life...
Delightfully funny and refreshingly cheeky - a heroine to fall in love with and a novel for women who have more on their minds than 90-60-90!


Cover Möppelchensex

»Bullshit, you're not fat, you're a woman!«

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»A delightfully funny novel for women that reworks any female stereotypes and puts them in a very different light.«

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