Patrizia Tamà

La Quarta Cantica


Is it possible that paradise is not the end of Dante’s cycle? The mysterious woman with the name Beatrice does not only share her name with Dante’s lover and speaks Latin fluently. No, she is also in possession of one of the fragments of an old map from the 14th century, signed and marked by Dante himself. This map reveals where the last part of Dante’s Divine Comedy is hidden, which will shed light on the fourth canticle. But Beatrice has to search for the other two fragments of the map before being able to reveal the great secret. So the chase begins. But who is this woman named Beatrice? Where did she come from?


Cover La Quarta Cantica

»There is silence now. No more shouting. No longer the sour stink of fear. Only the almighty roar of the engines. And the coarse and somewhat outrageous voice of Lieutenant Bruss, who sings a few stanzas of an obscene old popular melody while driving.«

  • translation rights – German

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