Annette Feldmann

Keeping Silence


Nils and Ari love each other, but Nils is unable to show Ari his feelings. She breaks up with him. Once again, another one of his relationships is short-lived, although Nils had hoped that everything would be different with Ari…
Nils is not able to speak about his past, about the incidents he experienced as a boy, about his stepfather and the things he did to him.
To get away from it all, he spends the summer in Sweden. There, Nils meets Svante and she shows him how he can leave his past behind and start a new life.

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Cover Nichts sagen

»What he does, he does not do with me. That is not me. Is not me. Not me. Not.«

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»The author impressively describes how the student deals with the abuse from his childhood.«
Rheinische Post

»A story that hits home, stays with you after the end and shows how important it is to not look away.«

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