Robert Polzar

How to Share a Flat with Hitler

SHARED FLAT     WAR     WWII     Show world     HUMOR     SATIRE

At first it is just Paul (Pole) and Hitler who want to start a shared flat. After some time more people move into the shared flat. Hitler now has an Austrian, a Russian, French, and an English roommate. What then happens is assimilable to the happenings during WWII. War breaks out between the different parties occupying the house. Even dead rats become part of the operation.


Cover How to Share a Flat with Hitler

»We are looking for supple flat mates to join our shared flat, which is under a strict regime with many liberties, reads the text in the announcement on the internet.«

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»Robert Polzar proves his sense for language and conflict management and creates a novel which strains your Musculus risorius, without forgetting the serious side of life. «

»... a novel, where you can actually laugh about a Hitler«