Klaus Schuker

Game Of Angels

affair     victim vs. perpetrator     dangerous game

Daniel Schönwind is accused of sexual assault – after his liaison with the only 17 years old Janina, he is taken into temporary custody on accusation of rape. He had met the beautiful woman after his company’s party the previous night. They had gotten together that night, a momentous one-night-stand, after which everything changes of course. His wife Karin leaves him taking their daughter with her, his employer is urging him to resign and the neighbors label him as rapist. The more his situation darkens, the more Daniel wishes for revenge and suddenly he understands how he was played that night: Janina had used him for her own means, making him the scapegoat. After this revelation Daniel tries to trap her, hoping that he can prove his innocence this way. A destructive game begins which is going to cost human lives.


Cover Game Of Angels

»Karin does not say anything but she looks at him, and he can read her feelings anyway: disappointment, dismay, incredulity but also indignation. Daniel will never be able to erase the image of his wife’s gaze from his mind.«

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»... an absolute recommendation, the book should not be missing in any bookshelf.«

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