Nils Honne

Corporate Anarchy


Marvin, 28, employee in an advertising agency, is desperate for change. He watches helplessly as ruthless businessmen and corrupt politicians drive an obsolete system into a moral abyss. With numerous small insurrections, he tries to fight against the iniquities of the time, but is forced to realise, again and again, that he has no real power. When Marvin meets the enigmatic Lennard at a protest rally, Marvin's life changes abruptly. Lennard shows him a way to rebel against the system: the path of violence. Believing that it will make the world a better place, he joins Lennard's terror group. As the number of crimes and the victim count start to rise, Marvin realises that he has made a terrible mistake.


Cover Corporate Anarchy

»Knowledge is power. But too much knowledge makes powerless. Nothing has thrown me off the track more than this simple insight.«

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»Nerve-wracking and brutal to the bitter end.«
Wiener Zeitung

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