Gereon Krantz

Behind Blood Red Shadows

Berlin crim     serial killer     black humour

A commissioner with a death wish on the roof of a Berlin hotel - a gruesome murder at Alexanderplatz S-Bahn station. Tattoos, red groats and polka in the underground - the bizarre search for an unpredictable serial killer leads investigators Harder and Vogt to the limits of madness, and to make matters worse, they also have to supervise a doomed man of the particularly annoying variety. What perfidious game is the therapist pulling the strings in the background playing? Vogt's razor-sharp mind is put to the test. Meanwhile, Harder gropes through the fog of his own confused mind, armed with plenty of sarcasm. Only a bite of chilli seems to help him keep his wits about him ...


Cover Behind Blood Red Shadows

»Personal injury could not describe what happened when tons of steel crashed against a fragile structure of skin, flesh and bone with all-crushing force and rolled over unimpressed. «

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»The second part of this series is also a linguistic masterpiece and convinced me completely. Anyone who likes to read crime thrillers peppered with black humour should not miss this book! It can also be read without prior knowledge of the first part, but those who skip "Under Pitch Black Stars" are depriving themselves of a very special reading pleasure!«
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