Robert Focken

Arnulf – The axe of the Hessians


Against his will the destitute Arnulf gets forced to fight in the army of Charlemagne against Widukind, who´s about to annex Hessia with his army of Saxon peoples. In bloody wars he acquires honour with his battle-axe and wins the goodwill of Charlemagnes consultant Einhard. When Arnulf destroys Irminsul, the biggest hessian sanctuary, he seems to have a bright future. But against all contradictions he feels attracted to the hostage, Widukind´s sister. And no shield or axe can protect him from her charm ...


Cover Arnulf – The axe of the Hessians

»Like a plough rips the ground, the Saxon warriors ran into the battle line of the Franks. Hatred, fear and anger were released into a roar that made Arnulf´s blood congeal. He saw Widukind´s sticking out of the crowd of warriors like his next point to attack, without a helmet, his axe was ripping the first line of the Franks with a dreadful violence.«

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»Finally again a good historical novel for our male-readers too.«
Nicola Kagelmann, Thalia-bookstore Hamburg

»... all round a well-made story.«
O. Klement, bookstore Bücherwurm Seligenstadt

»The in Kelkheim living author is creating a vivid picture of that time and knows exactly how to deal with that stuff ... Bruce-Willis-effect included.«
Wetterauer Zeitung

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